Hutchings Funeral Home, Inc. had it’s beginnings in 1895 when a partnership was formed between C. H. Hubbard, C. H. Hutchings Sr., and several other men. They called the partnership Hubbard Undertaking Co. with C. H. Hutchings Sr. as manager.

In 1910, C. H. Hutchings, Sr. left the partnership and was joined in the funeral business by two of his sons, Charles H. Hutchings, Jr. and Willie Pope Hutchings. The business was named C. H. Hutchings and Sons.

During WWI, Charles Hutchings, Jr. moved away and another of Charles Hutchings, Sr.’s sons, Frank J. Hutchings, joined the business in 1920. By 1927, Charles Hutchings, Sr. and his sons moved to a newly contstructed building at the firm’s present 536 New Street location.

In 1948, William S. Hutchings, Sr. joined the firm after graduating from Lincoln University. Since his passing in 2000, his two daughters, Sharon Hutchings and Starr Hutchings Purdue, have managed Hutchings Funeral Home, Inc.